Hearing Healthcare Alliance of Ohio Fall Seminar, October 11, 2022 Columbus Ohio

Elder Abuse was an excellent, fresh, and necessary topic and Dr. Lewis did a great job of teaching it.
Doug was outstanding in teaching a difficult and sensitive topic I will share this information with my staff and incorporate procedures in our employee manual.
I had no idea of my obligations to respond to suspected abuse! Good to know we can get involved to help The real-life examples were great!
I'm an elder and I was shocked by the information. Dr. Lewis' presentation was great I acquired better awareness of elder abuse and an understanding of the parameters around the Good Samaritan Act and the need for Power of Attorneys.
Dr. Lewis always gives outstanding presentations...this was very helpful.
I learned more about the Good Samaritan Law and what it does and does not cover.
Great job in highlighting staff and clinical responsibilities for suspected reporting of abuse.
Dr. Lewis gave me more information to watch and share.

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"Great Course!" "Very Creative Presentation" "Good Topic " "Thank you Dr. Doug Lewis for another great presentation!" "Highly entertaining" "Great speaker- put a fun twist on a common topic" "Exceeded expectations....an ethics class that is interesting!" "Nice job with the Star Wars them to add a bit of fun to the presentation" "Most interesting speaker of the day!"
Mid-America Conference On Hearing Cincinnati, Ohio May 17, 2018
Dr. Lewis is great at holding one's interest in the subject" "Instructor is very knowledgeable" "Great Information from an educated speaker" "Clear and concise information" "Expertise in many areas" "Conveys wonderful life experiences with his case scenarios" "Very thorough with the information" "Fast-paced but enjoyable learning environment" "Very good and funny delivery style" "Doug's legal experience is an asset to our field" "Great interaction with the audience" "Very well organized lecture on ethics and how it impacts professional practice" "The presenter has first-hand knowledge of many subjects and weaves it in with great real-life cases" "Doug keeps you alert and involved with his information and sense of humor" "Doug has in-depth knowledge of the field and has excellent personal examples" "He is an amazing speaker and so funny...keeps you awake and involved, especially so early in the morning!" "Doug's presentation strongly communicated legal ramifications if ethical practices and behaviors are not adhered to" "He is knowledgeable and discussed relevant issues to our profession" "I liked the ethical theories part and his sense of humor"
Audina Midwest CEU Workshop Columbus Ohio 8/23/2014
"Tremendous realistic and thorough information" "He is always dead-on with his knowledge and research" "Extremely informed speaker" "Extensive knowledge of Ethics" "Doug is very good at getting the attendees involved!" "Contracts information was very helpful to my everyday practice" "Excellent- Really needed this information" "Great Speaker with great audience participation" "Had great ideas on how to reform my existing contracts" "Conveyed detailed information but with a sense of humor" "Speaker very knowledgeable and entertaining" "Lots of useful information" "Great Presentation" "His knowledge of the law as it applies to our business is unsurpassed" "Good presentation, interaction, and explanations" "Presented complex issues in an easily understood format" "Knows his stuff!" "Contractual analysis was excellent and informative" "Doug explains thoroughly and includes the class in his discussions" "Entertaining-clear definitions and applications- appreciated the contracts do and do not checklist" "Great interaction with audience" "Just when I think I can't sit through another ethics class…I learn "new stuff" from him…great presenter" "Best Speaker-Great humor" "Dr. Lewis is wonderful in his ability to present in a straight-forward but interactive manner" "Doug knows the laws and how to make learning fun….great information and handouts to take home with us" "Very interactive with his audience" "Great information on how to follow HIPAA, how to get organized and be prepared" "Great review, solid information, well presented, good handouts…enough said" "Instructor is very knowledgeable with his Audiology/Attorney background"
Audina Hearing Instruments Annual Conference, Columbus Ohio August 2013
"Dr. Lewis’s presentation is very informative and fact based" "He covers a lot of information and even information within the information which is explained well and critical to creating a good and successful organization" "We need more presentations like this" "Always like classes taught by Dr. Lewis, he’s quick and keeps you interested" "Presented new knowledge and great scenarios" "Very good teacher" "Instructors knowledge-base is second to none" "Great Content and Good Sense of Humor" "Dr. Lewis was good and enjoyable" "Great interaction between presenter and attendees" "Dr. Lewis-terrific speaker- Knowledgeable and interesting" "The instructor was very knowledgeable and the material very interesting" "Doug is a great speaker" "Kept subject interesting" "The presenter was well-versed and interesting" "Factual and extremely pertinent information regarding our profession-also presenter was lively" "Lively discussion-kept audience involved-up to date information" "His vast knowledge and keeping it interesting is impressive" "Interesting presentation- Used humor to keep my attention" "Anecdotal features made topics relevant" "Vast knowledge of the material he presents-does a great job" "Doug is one of the best presenters on ethics and law" "The complete presentation was great! Dr. Lewis is a great instructor" "He asks questions of the attendees to elicit participation and has an excellent sense of humor" "Presenter had good real-world examples and was able to answer questions regarding the applicability of our field" "Great knowledge, used humor, great audience participation" "Dr. Lewis made a tough subject fun" "Doug is always fantastic"
Audina Hearing Instruments CEU Workshop, Columbus Ohio 2012
"Dear Dr. Lewis, I just wanted to say that I found your law and ethics presentation very enlightening and informative. As an MDS Nurse, Case Manager, and MA Instructor, I found your method of presentation to be very audience capturing and the material message quite helpful. I plan to use some of your styles and reference your data in my classroom. Thanks so much. " Sherrell R.Wimer, CLPN,AAS,CNAC,CMA ACTE, Canton City Schools MA Program Director/Instructor
Ohio State Society of Medical Assistants
“appreciate what he was able to add to my knowledge. My next lecture on this topic will be better because of it. He was a great speaker."
Paula Stachowski, BA, CMA (AAMA) Instructor, Medical Technology Stautzenberger College Maumee, Ohio 43537
“Doug engages his audience very well with his explanations and examples” “Questions and Answers were very helpful” “I liked the mix of ethics and how the law applies to these ethics” “He simplified and explained the specific vocabulary within ethics, law and principles of conduct for even a layman to understand without trivializing or subordinating the attendees” “I loved the ability for the audience to participate…a real showman, comedian and teacher, all in one!” “There was so much useful information relating to specific hearing healthcare situations. I wish there was more time to go over even more situations that frequently come up in the hearing aid industry…I will be attending his next presentation!”
Audina Hearing Instruments CEU Workshop, Columbus Ohio
A Clinician/Attorney who knows the real ethical and legal ramifications of practice….impressive!” “Dr. Lewis is a highly interactive and energized communicator whose information is thought-provoking yet mixed with humor.” “He covered topics that many do not give enough thought to in our everyday activities…I certainly will have from now on!” “Very good and informative…a great presenter and presentation.” “Great case studies and use of many examples from real life situations." "Doug’s knowledge, personality, and presentation style were appreciated, effective, and made difficult concepts such as law and ethics easier to comprehend and actually fun to learn." "Dr. Lewis really made me think about how important my personal and business ethics are and the impact they have on my practice… an absolutely excellent and awesome speaker!" "Thanks for making us think about our attitudes and behaviors in our operations… our time with him went way too fast!"
Audina Hearing Instruments CEU Workshop, Orlando Florida
International Hearing Society Annual Convention, San Diego California “I learned a lot and the topic about Baby Boomers as employees was very interesting” “Excellent and relevant topic” “Wow! Great job!” “Very good and informative…a great presenter and presentation.” “The thought of hiring an older person is good for many of our smaller businesses”.
International Hearing Society Annual Convention, San Diego California
The information and statistics Dr. Doug Lewis presented were both informative and a bit daunting. If an estimated 10 million jobs are expected to be unfilled in 2010, it is imperative for all HR professionals to focus not just on recruiting but, even more importantly, on the retention of our current employees. We have our work cut out for us and the information Doug detailed tells us we better start developing our strategy now!
Rebecca Jeffries Director, Human Resources Group Benefits Agency, Inc.
I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Doug Lewis speak at the June 12, 2007 HRACO luncheon on The Age Boom: Big Bang or Big Bust! The material was so informative and eye-opening. I appreciate you sharing your time and energy with our group. I have heard so many talks recently on how to manage a multi-generational workforce. However, no presentation offered a realistic preview - supported by facts, figures, and heartfelt observations - of the role and impact of the Baby Boomer Generation in the coming 5, 10, 20 years, as Doug's "Age Boom" presentation. I feel better prepared to strategically act in response to a changing workforce and labor pool. Thanks, Doug!
Terra Schulz, PHR Director of Human Resources Heinzerling Foundation.
As a Boomer, I felt a strong link to the good information and statistics that Dr. Doug Lewis provided in his presentation. He is right on target with the need for companies to appreciate the current and future demographics of the coming labor crunch as Boomers reach retirement age. But above all, employers should value and respect their aging workforce, seriously consider flexible and other work schedules, and do everything possible to retain the knowledge and experience that will soon walk out their doors.
Mary Boyer, PHR Human Resources Administrator Crane Plastics Company
Joy: I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for being the "Country Expert / Facilitator" at our recent session of Doing Business in the Philippines seminar. Your extensive knowledge of the cultural differences between the U.S. and the Philippines was evident during the seminar. Your presentation was professional, humorous, and addressed the specific concerns of the audience. Your insights into the cultural nuances that affect U.S. companies doing business globally were very helpful to our employees. We really appreciated the recommendations you made to enhance our communications with our partners and employees in Manila. Again, thank you for a wonderful session. I look forward to working with you in the future. Warmest Regards,
Dwayne Sawyers Director, Corporate Training Department Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Doug Lewis's multifaceted background is an asset to his ability to relay quality factual information when he presents for any group of hearing healthcare professionals. Presentations are given with great ease allowing even the novice to understand.
Linda Donaldson, MA CCC-A Vice President of Business Development Avada Audiology and Hearing Care
I felt the seminar was well facilitated and you were able to engage the class in 100 % participation. Everyone gave great examples which certainly help to retain the information. Thanks, Joy!
Kathy Hunt Human Resources Recruiter Children's Hospital, Columbus Ohio
Strategic HR Management can be overwhelming. Joy helped bring all the issues and topics into perspective with real-world challenges and solicited examples from our peers. Her focus was to help us learn as opposed to lecturing us. The additional handouts were insightful and will be of great help in best learning the material. Thank you, Joy, for making this a wonderful learning experience.
Rebecca Jeffries Director, Human Resources Group Benefits Agency, Inc.
Dr. Doug Lewis has played an essential role in the business development of my two businesses. He has developed Employee Handbooks for both, written all of my HIPAA Compliance material, and has been an ongoing valuable legal resource for both my personal and business affairs. He is also a dedicated educator and a terrific speaker as noted in his numerous requests from organizations to present at their conventions or seminars.
Brad Norvell, President Norvell?s Hearing Aid Center Echo-Norvell Hearing and Audiology
Joy Kouns recently spoke at the Ohio Northern University. Professor Kouns is a dynamic speaker with a plethora of knowledge. She is engaging, entertaining and passionate in her presentation. I would highly recommend Professor Kouns. She certainly had an important positive impact on those attending and participated in preparing the leaders of the next decade for their professional careers. It was a pleasure to have her and I hope she will consider returning next year and into the future!
Dr. Peter L. Banfe Associate Professor of International Business The Ohio Northern University
Doug Lewis provided us, in 2005 and 2006, with outstanding presentations. The Mid-America Conference on Hearing received more compliments and requests for return presentations than any speaker we have had in the past 15 years. His topics and interaction with the audience are superb. We plan to have him back many times.
Pat Cook,CEO Mid-America Conference on Hearing
Dr. Lewis was a “Fountain of Information”. He was well educated and informed about all levels of the law and ethics and was able to relate key concepts to what practitioners do everyday. Dr. Lewis is a jack-of-all-trades with a vast knowledge of many topics. He is an outstanding and professional presenter, but has an easy to understand and collegial manner. Doug’s strengths as both a Clinical Audiologist and Attorney are incredible…he really knows his topics and is excellent with interacting with attendees. Doug has a great combination of education and experience and is so helpful to his seminar participants. His presentations give great examples of the subjects and topics covered. Doug’s information is very eye-opening and real-world. His presentations are relevant to all businesses and sharpened our awareness to the implications of legal actions and issues impacting businesses.
Audina Hearing Instruments CEU Workshop Findley Lakes, New York